Drainmen Events

As a young and energetic company, Drainmen Services strives to engender team spirit within each branch as well as collectively within the group. Our own Racing Team, company events and industry events all make for some memorable occasions. It is the aim of this page to share a few of these with you. For recent events please check the drop tab, the events are ranging from most recent to latest, or see below for any upcoming events..

Upcoming Events:

Drainmen Services is proud to declare that we officially have a new racing team! After dominating the Oval Racing track, we decided that we should move our racing ventures to a new kind of track, the water. Drainmen Services now has its very own RUBBERDUCK racing team! We will be taking part in National competitions with “Arrie Swanepoel” as our pilot, along with his Co-Pilot “Pietie Human”. Arrie is experienced in the Rubber-Duck racing environment and is sure to bring great results for Drainmen Services.