Drain & Pipe Cleaning Plumbing Services

Drainmen offer a full range of drain and pipe cleaning and plumbing services to cater for any and all your sewerage / storm water / effluent / sub soil & tank type drainage requirements. We assist customers in the domestic, corporate, commercial, industrial, government, municipal, insurance & marine (including offshore work) sectors throughout Cape Town & Western Cape with a variety of plumbing services that range from general plumbing to technical consulting and specialised drainage. Find out more below about our plumbing services.
General Plumbing work

All General Plumbing Work

Drainmen Services conduct all aspects of plumbing and drainage work including …

Drain Clearing - Rotary Machines

Drain Clearing - Rotary Machines

Our drain clearing rotary machines are able to clear out pipelines of all sizes…

Drain Cleaning - Hydro Jetting

Drain Cleaning - Hydro Jetting

We have various high pressure hydro jetting machines ranging from large to small which includes our Compact Type / Trolley Type / Trailer Type and Truck Type..

CCTV Pipeline Recording

CCTV Drain & Pipeline Inspections & Recording

We have the latest camera & video equipment for all size and makes of pipelines…

Vacuum Jetting Units Liquid Waste Removal Disposal

Vacuum Jetting Units & Liquid Waste Removal & Disposal

Our units are able to extract/suck or vacuum any size sump or pump station / light or heavy liquid interceptors / storm water channels and canals / sludge tanks / sedimentation tanks / fat & grease traps / conservancy tanks / septic tanks / waste matter tank or sand traps etc from nearly any distance and depth….


Heat Pumps & Solar Systems

So how energy efficient are you and your family ? Do you want to start saving money today and move off the grid more? Drainmen Services have the answer for you!

Navigational Pipeline Tracking and Pipeline Locating

Navigational Pipeline Tracking and Pipeline Locating

Having problems tracing an underground pipe or drain?

Pump Installations Repairs Replacements

Pump Installations, Repairs & Replacements

    Burst water pipe repairs and replacements (SANS 10252 Part 1&2)…

Leak Detection

The anxiety of suffering from a burst pipe in the home apartment of building hidden or concealed in walls, floors, underground or inside ceiling spaces can be a nightmare to deal with. Not knowing how to deal with such a leak, be rest assured that Drainmen Services are here to help..


Boiler Systems

Nothing can be more frustrating than a non-functioning boiler on a cold day.  Fortunately, noticeable changes in boiler performance precede most mechanical failures. If you notice a change in boiler performance such as new noises, smells, rising stack temperatures or continually resetting safety devices, call your boiler professional for help…

Technical Consultancy

Technical Consultancy

Having intelligent solutions to all customer queries and issues. In this respect, Drainmen Services offer a wide variety of technical consultancy from plumbing inspections, drainage inspections, plumbing regulation compliance enforcement, legal plumbing and drainage advice or design layout, 2nd opinions for work to be carried out and for work already conducted, plumbing insurance assessments, professional witness to plumbing and drainage installation and resolving of installation disputes etc…

Sectional Water Tanks

Sectional Water Tanks

Does your tank have corrosion, erosion or leaks ? Drainmen Services have the answer to all your sectional water tank needs..


Commercial, Marine & Industrial Plumbing & Drainage Work

There are realistically, few professional plumbing and drainage contractors and companies in South Africa truly fitted out to conduct more than domestic plumbing and drainage work. Drainmen Services over the past 24 years have invested heavily to ensure that we have whatever is necessary to conduct Commercial, Marine and Industrial Plumbing & Drainage work. (not limited)

Not only do we have all the equipment and machinery to conduct this ‘heavy work’ but more importantly have the knowledge and the skill developed over more than 24 years and over 100 years combined and collective experience. Whether your project work is offshore or inland, we are able to cater for all your needs in this market sector…


Pipe Freezing

Do you need to repair a pipe, require pipework alterations, changers or replacements, install a valve or change out a valve but do not want to shut down the water supply and/or waste water as a result of normally draining a system ?