Drain Clearing – Rotary Machines


Drainmen offer a full range of drain and pipe cleaning services to cater for any and all your sewerage / storm water / effluent / sub soil & tank type drainage requirements. We assist customers in clearing and unblocking drains in the domestic, corporate, commercial, industrial, government, municipal, insurance & marine (including offshore work) sectors throughout Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Unblocking drains

  • Our drain clearing rotary machines are able to clear out pipelines of all sizes.
  • These machines are used for both extraction purposes e.g. root infestation removal and to clear out general blockages.
  • We have both small type rotary machines for waste lines and larger type rotary machines for larger diameter pipelines.
  • There are many various heads we have which are used for different applications to extract waste, solid items or growth matter from pipeline systems.