Drain Cleaning and Pipe Clearing in 2022

We are all faced with the inconvenience of blocked and clogged drains at one or more points in our lives. When you find a clogged drain, you may have to deal with the complications caused by the smell seeping into your home. You may even experience flooding from your pipes backing up, and even possibly have to deal with the cost of environmental factors. This happens when your pipes back up and into your yard and the raw sewage starts to flow into the ground. Fortunately you can always rely on Drainmen to be up to the task of clearing your drains in an expert manner in Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Drainmen offers a full range of drain cleaning services that will cater for any and all of your sewerage, storm water, effluent, sub soil and tank type drainage needs. We use hydo jetting in all our drain cleaning jobs in the domestic, corporate, commercial, industrial, government, municipal, insurance and marine (including offshore work) sectors throughout Cape Town and the Western Cape. Our expert technicians use Drainmen’s state-of-the-art equipment to ascertain your exact problem. We then use our extensive knowledge and experience to craft a solution that will solve your drain and pipe clearing issues as quickly and efficiently as possible.

As professionals, it’s our business to take care of any drain blockages you may have to utilising innovative, environmentally-friendly solutions. Drainmen can offer you a variety of high pressure hydro jetting machines that are suitable for drain cleaning. These options range from large to small which includes our Compact Type, Trolley Type, Trailer Type and Truck Type cleaning solutions. Drainmen not only cleans your drains, but we can also hydro jet all makes of pipe from 20MM – 2 METRES in diameter + No matter the length of your blockage it will never be an issue for us to clear and clean. We will clear and clean out your pipelines that may have a build-up of accumulated fats; oils; ink; sand; sludge; cement; concrete; acidic liquids and large scale build ups. When we do your pipe clearing we are able to set the suitable pressure (Bar/Kpa) of the various pipe specifications.

Drain and pipe blockages are caused by…

  • When solids and waste are flushed down your toilets
  • If you allow a build-up of fat, oil and grease from your wash sinks
  • When cement, sand and other foreign elements become trapped within your lines
  • A tree root’s growth interfering with your drainage system
  • When someone foolishly disposes of solids and any other foreign elements in your sinks, baths, showers and basins
  • When foreign elements end up getting stuck in your exterior pipes

Preventative measures for better drainage

It is always best to take preventative measures throughout the year to help maintain your plumbing system. Drainmen Services Group offer maintenance contracts to ensure your drains and pipes run free all year round. Call us for a no obligation quote.

The dangers of toxic chemicals

We all deal with common problems like human hair getting into your drain pipes, kids throwing small toys in toilets, sanitary towels and food finding its way into drains and pipes. Traditional drain cleaners tend to be some of the most caustic, toxic chemicals you can buy. Just check out the labelling and you will find that these chemicals are extremely dangerous and can often prove fatal if ingested or handled poorly.

The primary ingredient in drain cleaning products is either sodium hydroxide or sulphuric acid. As you may know these are extremely dangerous chemicals. Be aware that swallowing these poisonous chemicals can have a severe effect on many parts of the body. Damage will continue to occur in the oesophagus and stomach for several weeks after the drain cleaner was first swallowed. Death can occur as long as a month after the drain cleaner was first swallowed. If it gets on your skin it can burn and if it splashes into your eye it may cause blindness.

Be warned that if drain cleaning products mixes with other chemicals that may have been poured down a drain, it can in turn cause an explosive reaction potentially harming people in your home and others nearby. To be clear these kinds of toxic chemicals are also very harmful to the water supply and the environment.

Drainmen are always here for you…

 We all know that at some stage that a household, building or property will experience a drain blockage or need pipe clearing. Always remember to call Drainmen when the water in your toilet, basin, shower, and kitchen sink, exterior drains, and sewerage or storm water line is not draining as anticipated! Don’t wait until the problem has escalated till it’s out of control! Call the real professionals every time you notice a slow drain, pipe clogging or when a really unpleasant odor is coming out of your drains. Don’t ignore the signs that tell your drains need cleaning or pipe clearing or you could be on the downward spiral that leads to flooding and property damage! Please keep our contact numbers saved to your phone : 021 557 5780 / 072 186 1071 (24Hrs, 7 Days A Week, 365 Days A Year !) Please visit : www.drainmen.co.za for more info and services we offer year round…