Drainmen Services had the privilege this morning of having both a representative from the company, Gawie Kruger and a representative from Ocean View Academy, Michaela Olivier, hand over a small donation to the NSRI Melkbostrand chapter. Drainmen Services Group have been a proud sponsor of the NSRI for many years and donate monthly to their cause which saves countless lives in our two oceans.

We never want to forget the hard work and sacrifice of these brave men and women in our waters! It is of such importance, that Drainmen decided to team up with a local private school headed by Zonica Lee, to also have their students appreciate from a young age, what the NSRI do for our communities and those out at sea.

Whether you’re enjoying a swim in the sea, surfing, a kite surfer or a skipper amongst others.. the NSRI are there encase of emergencies, or for help needed out along our coastline waters. They put their lives at risk for ours. Thank you NSRI for the work you continue to do ! We appreciate it… Drainmen Services Group & Ocean View Academy.

*Here receiving a donation is Peter O’Halan (NSRI Station Commander, Melkbostrand) handed to by Gawie Kruger, (Drainmen Services) and holding the cheque Michaela Olivier (Ocean View Academy)

Drainmen Donation to the NSRI Melkbostrand - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town