For over twenty four years Drainmen has been providing the Western Cape with the finest plumbing and drain cleaning services available. We never say no and we never quit!

We believe that we are the best drain cleaning company that holds itself to the highest standards, while always offering you the best advice and expertise.

Drainmen offers the right quality of service at a price that gives you true value for your money. We have and always will be there for you during every plumbing emergency!

Our experienced and highly trained staff will ensure that plumbing problems disappear right before your eyes. Drainmen is your answer to all your drain cleaning problems and plumbing maintenance jobs.

Let us help you unblock all your drainage pipes, waste, gutters, storm water drains and effluent pipes and if necessary conduct any non-invasive repairs such as pipe relining.. We offer advanced leak detection and we always ready to help our customers deal with the drama that is caused by burst pipe repairs.

Our company will always ensure that we fit your replacement pipes as speedily and in as un-obstructive a manner as is possible.

Do you need a plumber for a geyser installation or a boiler repair? Do you need to do maintenance to your existing pipes because they are starting age and degrade? Let us give you a no obligation quote on those jobs, so we can assess the extent of your problem. 

Our extensive experience as a reputable plumbing company will prove invaluable to you. You can rest assured that you are getting the right timeous advice, when it matters most. Are you interested in saving up to seventy percent in your water and heating costs?

Drainmen offers environmentally conscious alternatives like grey water systems, heat pump installation and solar heat installations that can allow us to couple a heat pump directly into the plumbing system.

What’s your plumbing emergency? Remember our one of a kind policy “For Your Drains Use Our Brains.” We have eight branches in Cape Town and it surrounding areas on standby twenty four hours a day, ready to fix or maintain your plumbing needs.

Drainmen provides plumbing services and maintenance for any domestic, industrial, commercial, marine, hospital, wine farm, municipal or Government jobs.

Let us make today a little easier for you to deal with as we help you start making the first of many educated plumbing decisions. Your problems can be over from today thanks to our highly trained staff!

Our goal is a simple one, to make sure that you can start getting on with the more important parts of your life. What are you waiting for call the Drainmen today? The best part is that we are just a call or message away, from helping you through your emergency!


Are you struggling with a plumbing emergency?

Drainmen assists customers in the domestic, corporate, commercial, industrial, government, municipal, insurance, hospitality & marine sectors. Including offshore work and sectors throughout Cape Town & Western Cape.

Residential Plumbing

For a local plumber near you contact Drainmen. We offer a full range of plumbing, drain and pipe cleaning services.

Commercial Plumbing

Our Commercial Plumber services are well-equipped & have the knowledge and skill to conduct this ‘heavy work’ with more than 24 years experience

Industrial Plumbing

We assist customers in all industrial, government, municipal, hospitality & insurance sectors.

Marine Plumbing

Drainmen Plumbing Services are fully qualified to work on all marine (including offshore work) sectors.



The Drainmen Services Group was hand chosen, to represent BRAWOLINER within the Western Cape of South Africa. Being of German decent, their top quality engineered lining for pipe rehabilitation is no doubt of the highest caliber in the World – and even our competitors know it!

BRAWOLINER CAPE have the very best products and team companies around the World Read more..

“The BEST Plumber & Drain Cleaning Service around!’

There are currently 8 branches situated throughout the Western Cape which extends to all lining and outlining areas. All Franchisees, Managers and Team Leaders have attended similar Drainmen technical and administrative training courses and lead with the business model, which successfully serves to date.

We offer a full range of Plumbing & Drainage Services. We are certified plumbers and no matter where you are, we have a plumber near you. Call us for a guaranteed, quality plumbing service and workmanship.

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