Do you need to repair a pipe, require pipework alterations, changers or replacements, install a valve or change out a valve but do not want to shut down the water supply and/or waste water as a result of normally draining a system ?

Then Pipe Freezing is a suitable solution for this.

With pipe freezing, there is no need to drain a pipeline or drain the water supply or have any water interruptions whilst plumbing services and maintenance is being conducted. No major water shut downs means no loss in productivity and therefore no loss in profit and the repairs or work can be carried out on your plumbing system with minimal nuisance and minimal disruptions.

Drainmen have skilled and trained personal which conduct pipe freezing for all types of pipework. Also keep us in mind if you ever need a plumber in Cape Town.

Pipe Freezing - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town


  • Do you have a faulty or leaky valve or pipe?
  • Do You have corroded pipes and fittings, pin holes in copper or dripping mixer or tap that needs to be fixed or repaired?
  • Do you need to make alterations to pipe systems?
  • Would you like to install new fixtures but do not have any shutoff valves?
  • Do You have copper pipes or other that are corroded and needs to be replaced?
  • Does your heating system contain costly chemicals that you do not want to drain?
  • Do You have a radiator or baseboard heater that needs to be removed and the valves are not working?
  • Do You need a reliable, quick alternative than otherwise draining the building of its precious water source?
  • Do You want to avoid a complete system shutdown while making repairs?
Pipe Freezing - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town


  • Eliminates the need to refill and purge air from systems
  • Sustainability, no wastage of water
  • Sustainability, no wastage of costly chemicals (heating and cooling)
  • No need to drain large quantities of water to the sewer or storm water
  • Avoid creating new leaks when re-pressurising the system
  • Avoid the financial penalties associated with non-compliance of city bylaws for water wastage
  • Ability to accurately predict or completely eliminate system downtime.
  • Save time, money and help the environment


DRAINMENS SERVICES can isolate the system and the work can be completed quickly and safely, with minimal disruption. We can freeze pipes from 15MM – 54MM in diameter and larger.

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Pipe Freezing - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town