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Drainmen Services Group opened its doors nearly three decades ago, starting off from humble beginnings and since, is proud to present everyone in the Western Cape and Joburg with the finest all-round plumbing and drain cleaning services available!

David Olivier (DRAINMEN Franchisor) who started the business, has specialized in the plumbing industry for 30 years and has represented the public plumbing sector on various professional levels and platforms (and still heads the Group today). These include him serving as Executive Member of IOP(SA), Chairman of The Institute of Plumbing South Africa, National & International plumbing delegate representing both the Western Cape & South Africa and is a Technical Advisor to the plumbing industry with regards to water and sanitation technologies, installations and services.


Drainmen Services Group (PTY) Ltd, started off on a solid foundation of good business ethics, integrity and principles which has extended to all throughout the Drainmen Franchise. With its core services focused on all types of drainage systems and services (amongst others), there are multiple branches situated throughout the Western Cape & Joburg which extends to all lining and outlining areas, more than adequate to assist you year-round. Notably, we take on residential, commercial, corporate and industrial jobs. All Franchisees, Managers and Team Leaders have attended similar Drainmen technical and administrative training courses and lead with the business model, which successfully serves to date.

“Drainmen Services success is attributed to the diligent, hard work of all our Franchisees which incorporate good business skills and ethics behind the brand. Our Managers and Employees also do much work behind the scenes to ensure smooth daily operations. We are serious about our business and find great joy in providing a top-quality plumbing and drainage service to all our customers at reasonable rates. Each Franchisee is aware of the expectations of our business and are very much goal orientated, that is why we never say no and we never quit! In my opinion, we are the best plumbing and drain cleaning company in the Western Cape & Joburg, with the highest standards, best advice, and expertise – Our customers can always rely on us and be assured of good QUALITY, SERVICE & PRICE. Happily, our ‘testimonials page’ attributes the same to our workforce”.  Mr Olivier

When using any branch of Drainmen Services anywhere in South Africa, you can be rest assured, that all branches conform to the necessary registrations, affiliations, and insurance cover. This provides you with peace of mind when calling upon our service no matter what market sector you represent.

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If you don’t already use Drainmen Services, then we urge you… “For Your Blocked Drains Use Our Brains” (as our slogan says) and we are sure that you will be pleasantly surprised by professional services! You could receive many benefits from adding us onto your service provider list – don’t delay, do it today!

You will find easy reference to all our branches in this website.

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