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At Drainmen Services we endeavor to be involved with our various communities and like to keep both our existing clients and potential customers involved with what we do throughout the year,. In this regard, under this section ‘Media Zone’, we will try to keep you abreast with our project pictures and photos, events we may attend, articles we may be featured in, testimonials from our clients and customers on work conducted, a few video clips we may take and social media in general. Access to this media zone, gives you an inside look into what our daily business is about and to share these experiences with you.

We hope you enjoy perusing through our growing media zone awareness. Please be patient with this section of our site, our focus is on our daily operations and therefore we may not always have the time to update each social event herein of media zone platform as we would always like to !

We enjoy the many things we do at Drainmen Services and it’s not all just hard work (although this forms 99.9% of the year!)…part of our daily operations at times also includes the lighter side of life too, like enjoying watching people smile whenever they see one of our ‘quirky number plates’ (a media tongue in cheek humour) on one of our many vehicles driving around which includes (only of some) : POOPER; FLOATER; CRAPPER ; CLINGON; DROLL; POOPED; LOO2WET; LOO2LOO; POOPHOL; ..we are so glad that South Africans have a good sense of humour !

Enjoy our media zone,..kindly remember we are still building on to this part of our site.

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