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So how energy efficient are you and your family ?

Do you want to start saving money today and move off the grid more ? Drainmen Services have the answer for you !
Did you know that you can still use your existing geyser and Drainmen Services can couple a heat pump directly into the plumbing system to start saving up to 70% hot water heating costs ?

Did you know that you can use a heat pump on your Jacuzzi and to heat your pool and derive the same saving on your electricity bill and lesson your own carbon footprint ? Ask Drainmen Services today about this option..

Heat Pumps & Solar Systems - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town



It is imperative that you always make sure that your contractor is qualified to install heat pumps and that he provides proof thereof. He must in addition, have the sufficient training in the products to be installed or a poor or inefficient system is bound to be installed. All safety compliance regulations must be adhered to at all times when dealing with hot water pressure systems !

(See in our website under “Credentials” all our heat pump & solar accreditation)

Drainmen Services have been in business for nearly 24 years now and therefore, we can comfortably provide our full written guarantee so that you as our customer may be assured that we have your best interests at heart and will be here for whenever you may need us.

Heat pump technology is one of the cutting edge technologies when it comes to renewable energy water heating products. Even though this technology have been used in South Africa for heating water for many decades the recent increase in international demand have brought the component costs down making the product extremely affordable for the residential and commercial users.

Using refrigeration cycle to extract energy from the surrounding air (indirectly using solar energy) it can provide you with 60°C hot water day or night, winter or summer at a quarter of the cost of electrical geyser element heating.

Drainmen Services are known to be a leader in the design and installation of heat pump heating technology and only procure some of the most efficient systems on the market. Heat pump range:

Heat Pumps & Solar Systems - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town
Heat Pumps & Solar Systems - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town
Heat Pumps & Solar Systems - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town

How does a Heat Pump work?

A heat pump works like an air conditioning unit in reverse. It extracts heat from the ambient air surrounding it, enabling it to heat the refrigerant which is then compressed causing it to get even hotter. This is then run through a heat “exchanger” in which the water is heated. The refrigerant is then allowed to expand again, thus cooling it down and enabling it to again absorb heat from the surrounding air. So only a little electricity is used to run a fan and compressor while the heat energy is provided indirectly by the sun.

The modern domestic heat pump is a very efficient water heating device which uses a small amount of electricity to drive a compressor which forms the heart of the heat pump. The heat energy produced is as much as four times the electrical energy used to drive the compressor. This means that your electricity consumption for water heating can be divided by up to four.

The heat pump is not reliant on sunshine or direct radiation but extracts heat energy from the air at any time of the day or night and so is effectively a solar heater in a different form. Even in extremely cold conditions (-5C and lower) the heat pump can still provide a saving of more than 50%. In most cases in South Africa, where our daytime temperatures are relatively high, the efficiency is going to be at least 3 x that of an element heated water system. Even in the colder climates of Europe heat pumps are extensively used in domestic applications.

A heat pump looks similar to an air conditioner and can be installed either on the ground or on brackets on a wall. It is quiet and unobtrusive with a user friendly controller, has no greenhouse gas emissions and requires almost no maintenance.


Heat Pumps & Solar Systems - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town
Heat Pumps & Solar Systems - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town

Heating systems for your pool / Jacuzzi’s :

Drainmen Services also install pool heating heat pumps and these are designed to make you get the most enjoyment from your pool and/or Jacuzzi. With pool & Jacuzzi temperatures programmable up to 40 deg Celsius, you can now swim all year round. No longer do you need to have your roof covered with solar panels or spend thousands of Rand on electricity. Drainmen Services provide heat pumps that are compact, quiet and very simple to install. It will provide you with many years of trouble free pool heating.

Drainmen Services keep updated with constant evolving technology so you can be sure that your heat pump uses the latest in heat pump control technology resulting in extremely low operational cost. For every R1.00 worth of electricity our unit will give you more than R5.00 worth of output heat!

Drainmen Services heat pump systems boast a 500% efficiency rating which means you will gain a return on investment in less than 1 year.

Why should you heat your pool?

Not only did you pay a lot of money to build your pool but it is also costing you a lot of money per month to maintain. The average pool owner in South Africa only uses his pool for 3 months of the year because the water is simply too cold the rest of the time. By using an approved Drainmen Services heat pump, you can now enjoy your pool all year round thus getting the most from your swimming pool investment. You and your family will experience hours of fun in the pool instead of around the pool.

Key Features:

• Heat water to your preferred temperature all year round – Drainmen Services approved heat pumps heat your pool in all weather conditions providing you with hot pool/ Jacuzzi water throughout the year.

• Latest technology with easy to control LED display controller – Each heat pump comes with a digital system controller which intelligently controls the heat pump to ensure the highest possible efficiency.

• Titanium heat exchanger – Super corrosion resistance with 50mm standard coupling connections for easy installation

• Silent, compact and great value for money – After you have installed an approved Drainmen Services heat pump, you will barely notice that it is there as they are extremely quiet whilst in operation

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Heat Pumps & Solar Systems - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town