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Drainmen Services – Vacuum Trucks and Combination Trucks


Combination Truck


Our specialised combination truck (high pressure water jetting and liquid waste honey sucker) has been especially designed to gain access into almost any basement of any building and onto almost any premises where a standard motor vehicle would be able to gain access. This is due to taking into consideration the lengths, heights and widths of areas where we are most needed for our customers.



In addition, we also designed our trucks (which can unblock drains and suck up fat traps, sumps, pump stations etc) in order to obtain access to close proximity of any manholes and over-head sewerage and storm water systems within basements of shopping malls, commercial & corporate buildings etc. Being able to gain such suitable access into basements, cuts down on costs and eliminates down time which other companies inadvertently charge you for!


Cleaning and Cleansing Products


On board we also have a cleaning system which facilitates cleaning up after any over spill or overflow of liquid waste. Therefore we feel that you should not always have to procure the services of a cleaning company if it is our power to conduct this work accordingly. In addition, we have suitable Eco-friendly products on hand to completely disinfect the area of concentration and leave your premises smelling good, clean and fresh ! Other products include multi anti-bacterial (application which we use should the need arise) to kill bacteria which may be looming from a discharge or over-spill. During clearing and sucking of fat traps, we also use in conjunction our Eco-friendly de-greasers which breaks down all F.O.G’s (fats, grease and oils) which may exist down the pipeline areas.


Team & Site Safety


Part of the work we do is to ensure responsibility on any site we work at. This includes a risk assessment prior to commencement of work and our teams full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) to tackle any job. We are constantly investing in our teams by ensuring their safety and that of the customer through regular training along with ensuring our company policies and procedures which meet the highest standards.

Drainmen offer a full range of drain and pipe cleaning services, need a plumber in Cape Town? And caters for any and all your sewerage / storm water / effluent / sub soil & tank type drainage requirements. We assist customers in the domestic, corporate, commercial, industrial, government, municipal, insurance & marine (including offshore work) sectors throughout Cape Town and the Western Cape.

Our units are able to extract/suck or vacuum any size sump or pump station / light or heavy liquid interceptors / storm water channels and canals / sludge tanks / sedimentation tanks / fat traps and grease traps / conservancy tanks / septic tanks / waste matter tank or sand traps etc from nearly any distance and depth.

Our units are able to get into most basement areas due to the fabricated height of our trucks.

We are registered to dispose of most liquid waste (hazardous and non hazardous) at various landfill sites in and around the Western Cape.

Our Combination Units are highly effective at both unblocking/cleaning and removal of liquid waste.

Large diameter pipes are also serviced by our combination units, hassle free.

There is no Tank, Pit or Plant to big for Drainmen to vacuum.

* Cleaning maintenance contracts available

Liquid Waste Removal & Disposal

We remove most liquid waste from sites (depending). We own certain disposal rights through various landfill sites and are able to conduct preliminary testing of liquids prior to the disposal of certain liquids if necessary. Our treatment facility can also ensure that the Ph value is within the reasonable allowance accepted by all disposal sites. (*by request) As safety is our number one priority for both the customer and our employees, it is imperative to state clearly what the liquid waste matter consists of, prior to an extraction and disposal request.


Vacuum Jetting Unit & Liquid Waste Removal & Disposal - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town

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Vacuum Jetting Unit & Liquid Waste Removal & Disposal - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town