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Drainmen Services pride themselves on having intelligent solutions to all customer queries and issues. In this respect, Drainmen Services offer a wide variety of technical consultancy from plumbing inspections, drainage inspections, plumbing regulation compliance enforcement, legal plumbing and drainage advice or design layout, 2nd opinions for work to be carried out and for work already conducted, plumbing insurance assessments, professional witness to plumbing and drainage installation and resolving of installation disputes etc.

Our main focus however is on ensuring that the client has the best advice within the plumbing and drainage sectors whether its industry for residential, government, commercial, industrial, marine, hospitality, medical etc..We have both Technical, Mechanical, Project and Operational Managers which experience is spread through many layers within the building and construction industry in our field.

We are abreast with the latest Legislation & Regulations of our industry to ensure that you receive the very best our consultants have to offer. In terms of our consultancy procedure, we are committed to being wherever we are needed at the property or site in order to furnish you with a full and round explanatory and advisory experience together with solutions. Our reports are two fold as they also serve as a legal basis for technical information required and as required where necessary.


Part of our consultancy services include :

  • Plumbing Compliance Certificates
  • Investigating Structural Defects within Plumbing Industry
  • Inspecting 2nd & 3rd Party Contractor Work
  • Evaluation Of Plumbing & Drainage Installations & Expert Witnesses
  • Providing Technical & Mechanical Reports
  • Ensuring SANS Installation Standards & The Water Act Regulations (Cape Town)
  • Ensuring SABS Quality Materials used in any application or installation
  • Providing Water Quality Certificates, Samples and Reports
  • Providing Photos complete with explanations and solutions
  • Internal Pipe Line Investigation & Auditing
  • Pipe Corrosion Reporting & Solving
  • Venting & Odour Problem Reporting & Solving
  • Inadequate Water Supply & Low Pressure Demand
  • Insurance Assessments
  • Approval for Plumbing & Drainage Installation
  • Confirming Regulatory & Legislation Practise
  • Leak Fault Reports & Leak Detection Services
  • Sustainable Solutions
  • Flue & Chimney Draft Issues & Problems
  • Drainmen Services also has vast knowledge on Health & Safety Issues with regards to:


    Technical Plumbing - Drainage Reports (2)

    • Hot Water Cylinders
    • Boiler Systems
    • Sewerage Spillage & Liquid Waste Overflow
    • Potable Water Tank & Pipe Failures
    •  We have various high pressure hydro jetting machines ranging from large to small which includes our Compact Type / Trolley Type / Trailer Type and Truck Type.
    • We are able to clean and hydro jet all makes of pipe from 20MM – 1000MM+
    • There is no pipeline too long for us to clear and clean
    • Clears and cleans out pipelines that have accumulated fats / oils / ink / sand & sludge / cement / concrete / acidic liquids / scale build up etc
    • We are able to set the pressure (Bar/Kpa) suitable to various pipe specifications.
    • We are also able to clean road ways / drive ways / paving areas etc with the corrective attachements if the job requires this application.

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    Technical Consultancy - Drainmen Plumbing Services Cape Town